Smart Home Technology Featuring Smart Nurseries

When most people think of smart home technology, they think of their living room or home movie theater. However, smart home technology can extend to any room in the house, including the nursery. Home automation involves the use of technology to automate your house so you can control most aspects of it through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Do you have a newborn? Well, then you know how wonderful, albeit exhausting and stressful, they can be. Much of that stress stems from safety concerns, but by implementing a smart nursery, you can gain peace of mind.

Check out the latest home automation technologies that can be included in a home nursery

  1. Smart Health Monitors: These wearable devices can monitor your baby’s breathing, heartbeat, movement, and temperature. They help to prevent SIDS, easing a worried parent’s mind, as well as help them keep track of diaper changes and sleep habits.
  2. Video Monitors: Baby monitors allow parents to see what their baby is doing just by glancing at a monitor from another room rather than just listening to them. Now you can visually check on their status no matter where you are in the home or yard, connecting the monitors to your smart phone and controlling them via an app.
  3. Smart Rocking: Smart bassinets that can be programmed to rock your baby at various speeds, all controlled by a smart device. Some models have built-in swaddling to imitate the warmth and security of the womb, as well as white noise to soothe your baby.
  4. Smart Changing Tables: These game-changing products range from smart bed stands that work as an all-in-one baby station to smart changing mats that measure your baby’s weight and ensure they are properly fed.
  5. Sensors: Such sensors can send alerts to your smart device when triggered. You can place them at external entry points as well as internally within the room. Additionally, you can opt for climate sensors are another option so you know your baby’s nursery is always at the ideal temperature.
  6. Smart Mobiles: These devices can sense what sleeping stage your baby is in, reacting with sound, movement, color and light to soothe them back to sleep.

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