Pressure Washing House Siding: Is It Safe?

Pressure Washing NJ: The answer is complicated. Homeowners who use a DIY pressure washing approach can cause damage to their siding because they are unfamiliar with how to hold the wand and how much pressure to use. A professional does this for a living and knows how to minimize damage while maximizing clean results. Hiring a technician skilled in pressure washing house siding is the smartest option.

Is Pressure Washing Bad For Siding?

Yes and no. It all depends on who’s doing it. When done properly, it’s a great way to remove dirt from a property. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Power washing over holes and cracks in siding can encourage water to get into your interiors. Structural damage and mold growth can result. A professional will cover those openings before they begin work.
  2. It’s important to wash away detergents and cleansers in a timely manner before they are allowed to dry. If not, streaks and water stains can result.
  3. If you apply too much pressure, you can scratch, bend or warp aluminum or vinyl siding.
  4. Homemade cleaning solutions, rust removers and products designed for porcelain fixtures can leave streaks and sticky residues that, in the end, can attract more dirt than you had before.
  5. If you aim a pressure washing wand directly at a surface, you can cause dents and dings. A professional knows just how far away to stand to ensure no damage. They also know the correct angle at which to aim the wand.
  6. To prevent splatter and mud puddles, work from bottom to top.
  7. Marks and streaks can result if you use water that is too hot for your siding.

Soft Washing: A Better Alternative

Soft wash pressure washing is the best option for cleaning house siding. This technique doesn’t use a high pressure like traditional pressure washing does, so the risk of damage is very small. Instead, specialty detergents are applied to the area that dissolve tough, stuck-on dirt and organic materials. Once the solution has been allowed to sit for a certain period of time, it is washed away with a low-pressure rinse – not much more than a simple garden hose.

Soft wash cleaning also prevents splashing and splattering, posing minimal risk of damage to windows, landscapes, and brick chimneys. If you’re wondering how often you should clean your siding, once every two years or as needed is a good rule of thumb.

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