Only Hire Trained Professionals For High Rise Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning NJ: Cleanliness is vital when it comes to skyscrapers. For businesses, you want to make a good impression on clients, and the appearance of your building can make or break a deal. For your tenants, you want them to have a clear view of the skyline for the utmost in living quarter satisfaction.

This is why you need to hire a reputable high rise window cleaning professional rather than DIY the job. When on the hunt for a high-quality commercial window cleaning company, only look at those with an excellent reputation, many years in the business, OSHA training, proper licensing and insurance, and more.

Check out these tips to help you select the best high rise window cleaning company in NJ.

Training Certifications

Commercial high rise window cleaning is very dangerous because workers often have to access awkward and hard to reach areas. This is why the best commercial cleaning companies offer comprehensive in-house training for their employees, providing proof of certification when they have completed the course.

Workers who are not properly trained could leave you vulnerable to lawsuits if someone is injured on your property.

In addition to in-house training, they should also be OSHA-trained. This shows they have been properly trained in recognizing, avoiding, and preventing safety and health hazards in the workplace.


It’s best to leave skyscraper window cleaning to the experts, as they bring the experience and the equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. Make sure the high-rise cleaning company you choose has a good track record of providing consistent and quality work. Read reviews, ask friends for recommendations, and think twice before choosing the cheapest company you can find. You may be getting sub-standard work!

Also, choose a company with flexible, time-saving services like drone cleaning for skyscrapers. This can result in a much faster – and safer – job so you can get back to your regular routine quickly.


High rise window cleaning workers must be insured because it’s a dangerous job. Make sure you pay for the “high-rise classification”, or window washing insurance, in case of serious injury or death. This type of insurance will cover you, the business owner, as well as the cleaning company, in case an accident were to occur on your property. A company could sue you for damages if they don’t have the proper insurance, even if it wasn’t your fault.

Call For Quotes

Gather several price quotes before hiring a high-rise window cleaning company. Read the detailed services that are included in the quote and ask questions before signing on the dotted line. The cheapest price isn’t always better. Instead, stick with the middle of the road price that won’t result in hidden fees or surprises later.

Cheap window cleaners often cut corners by reducing the quality of their work or rushing. When hiring a thorough commercial window cleaner, you know you will get sparkling clean windows with no streaks.

Don’t Be Fooled!

Be wary of sub-par high-rise window cleaners who may:

  • Use ineffective, unsafe, old or worn cleaning equipment and materials
  • Fail to clean window frames and sills
  • Skip the windows that are harder to reach or are more difficult to clean properly
  • Use dirty water
  • Neglect detailing or scrubbing

The best high-rise window cleaning companies offer experience, quality work, safety assurances, extra services like drone cleaning, and respect for your building and for you as the client.

You get all that and more with Clearview Washing! Just call us today to get a free quote on commercial high rise window cleaning in your town.